Polar Bear Conservation

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The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium is proud to partner with Polar Bears International (PBI) to encourage the conservation of these magnificent animals through research, stewardship, and education. 

Selected as a PBI Arctic Ambassador Center, the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium joins other leading zoos from around the world to deliver a message: "Together we can save polar bears and the Arctic, but we must act soon."

PBI Arctic Ambassador Centers:

  • Feature bear-friendly exhibits with plenty of enrichment activities to stimulate the bears, making them active and content.
  • Provide leadership for carbon emission reduction in their communities (visit Acres for the Atmosphere).
  • Support PBI research projects to help conserve wild polar bears.
  • Play a key role in the PBI Sustainability Alliance, a front-line team helping to save polar bears in a rapidly-warming Arctic.

Projects at the Zoo Include:

  • Tundra Connections  - An opportunity to talk to polar bear experts through a videoconference shown at the Zoo, broadcast live from the tundra at Churchill, Manitoba, Canada during the annual gathering of the polar bears.
  •   Project Polar Bear - A national contest for teenagers, in which the winners have the chance to go to Churchill, Canada to see polar bears in the wild.
  • Leadership Camps - The Zoo sends delegates to study polar bears up close in Canada and to act an ambassadors here in Pittsburgh, organizing locally to take action to save the environment and polar bears.


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On June 25, 2011, PBI  presented the Zoo with a Champion of Polar Bears award for our conservation work!

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Project Polar Bear
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