Press Releases

From animal births to new exhibit openings, these press releases give you the quickest access to the latest Zoo news.

Latest Press Releases

2/18/2014 Zoo Supports Elephant Conservation  
1/7/2014 New Cheetahs arrive at Zoo  
11/16/2013 Is Zoo Polar Bear Pregnant  
11/13/2013 A Bird's Eyeview  
9/26/2013 Tiger Cub has a Name  
9/11/2013 Baby Gorilla Back with Family  
9/6/2013 Elephant Birth Success Story  
8/30/2013 Black and Gold Pep Rally  
8/28/2013 Zoo Hosts International Elephant and Rhino Symposium  
8/1/2013 Young Bull Elephant Battles Rare Autoimmune Disease  
7/3/2013 Baby Tiger now out everyday  
5/29/2013 Baby Gorilla Hand Raised  
5/17/2013 Baby Tiger Makes Media Debut  
5/2/2013 Baby Rhino has a New Name in time for Cinco de Rhino  
4/17/2013 Two New Babies at the Zoo  
4/4/2013 Meet our New Red Panda  
2/13/2013 Zoo Gorilla may be Pregnant  
2/2/2013 Zoo Black Bears select winner in Super Bowl Coin Toss  
2/1/2013 January Attendance Sets New Montly Record  
1/18/2013 Penguin Walks