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Madagascar Giant Day Gecko

The Madagascar giant day gecko (Phelsuma madagascariensisgrandis) is diurnal subspecies of gecko, meaning it is active in the daytime.

Size: The day gecko is full grown at four to six inches, with more than half of that being their tail.

Life Span: On average, these animals live for 10 years.

Color: Green with a red stripe extending from the nostril to the eye.

Continent: Africa

Range: Madagascar and the surrounding islands of Comoros, Andamans, Amirantes, and Seychelles.

Habitat: Inhabit dry regions where regular heavy rainfall keeps humidity high.

Food: Day geckos feed mostly on insects, other invertebrates, bananas and other fruits, the nectar of flowers, and occasionally small vertebrates.

Reproduction: A female day gecko lays six sets of 2 eggs and the gestation period lasts between 60 and 65 days.

Fun Facts: The green color of the geckos is associated with the animal's tendency to stay in foliage of trees. They are capable of climbing glass walls and walking upside down on a ceiling due to the setae on the bottom of their toe pads.