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The Springbok (Antidorcas marsupialis) gets its name from the habit of leaping up to 9 feet into the air when startled or at play.

Size: The springbok is usually between 27 and 34 inches tall and weighs between 59 and 106 pounds.

Life Span: Up to 10 years

Color: The medium brown of its back is separated from its white underside by a dark reddish brown horizontal band that runs from its foreleg to its hip.

Continent: Africa

Range: South Africa, Botswana's Kalahari, Namibia, and Southwestern Angola

Habitat: This animal inhabits the open, treeless plains and semi-arid regions.

Food: Foliage, herbs, roots, and grasses

Reproduction: Female springboks give birth to one young during the rainy season when resources are plentiful.

Fun Facts: The springbok is the national and sporting emblem of South Africa. It is extremely fast and can reach speeds of 60 mph. It also has a crest of white hair that appears on its back while leaping.